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Destructive Events

Edison has a pattern of damaging property, destroying neighborhoods, killing residents, and being unresponsive to customers. Edison is a for profit, investor owned public utility monopoly. Edison recorded a net profit of almost $1 BILLON in 2022.

Event 1

June 2018, Camarillo, CA - An Edison neutral power cable ("ground") from the utility pole to Camarillo resident's home failed, resulting in the home being back-fed with 240 volts. The “dropped neutral” condition damaged or destroyed over $40,000 of electronics and personal property. Edison admitted fault, replaced the severely corroded steel ground cable, and advised the homeowner to submit a claim. The homeowner spent over $37,000 in repairs and repeatedly submitted claims, estimates, and receipts. Now three years later, Edison has failed to take any responsibly or reimburse the homeowner for the damage.

Shockingly, in May 2020, the residence across the street from the homeowner suffered the same failure, incurred damaged property and a lack of response from Edison.

Event 2

May 2020 - 80 year old couple sells their home and moves out-of-state after Edison equipment failure damages appliances and HVAC systems. Edison again refused to to honor the "dropped neutral" claim.

Event 3

December 2021 - Southern California Edison agrees to $550 million in fines for role in 5 wildfires including the Thomas and Woolsey fires. Southern California Edison faces more than half a billion dollars in fines and penalties for its role in five devastating wildfires in 2017 and 2018. Southern California Edison violated state safety regulations that govern the design, construction and maintenance of overhead electrical lines and communication facilities, which led to the ignition of the blazes. The agreement also prevents Southern California Edison from tapping ratepayers to cover $375 million in cost recoveries stemming from insurance claims relating to the fires. Read More

Event 4

July 2015 - Jury Slaps So Cal Edison with $4.7 Million Verdict for farm workers - Southern California Edison is responsible for the death of a farm worker electrocuted while working in a grapefruit orchard. It took the jury one day to reach its verdict yesterday in a trial that lasted 6 weeks in Riverside Superior Court. “This verdict sends a strong message to Edison and other public utilities that power line safety is more than just a slogan on a billboard. When a company violates its own safety codes, people’s lives are put at risk,” says attorney Robert Jarchi.

Event 5

October 2022 - Lawsuit Filed Against Southern California Edison Alleges Utility Company Responsible for Fairview Fire. Lawsuit against Southern California Edison alleging the utility company is responsible for the Fairview Fire, which was ignited by its negligently maintained utility infrastructure. The wildfire blazed through 28,300+ acres, severely destroying more than 36 structures, and damaging 8 structures. Two fatalities occurred at the hands of the wildfire as well as destruction and/or damage of the plaintiffs' personal property, mental distress, serious out-of-pocket expenses, medical bills, personal injuries, evacuation expenses and a loss of business income incurred.

Event 6

Investigators have determined that Southern California Edison power lines ignited the 2017 Thomas fire, a massive blaze in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties that killed two people and later gave rise to a massive mudflow that resulted in at least 21 deaths. Read More

Event 7

So. Cal Edison suffer wrath of customer. Yelp

Event 8

April 2013 - Edison worker employed on a project in Menifee died as a result of an accident at work. The incident reportedly involved underground Edison equipment, upon which routine maintenance was being performed. According to sources, the project was in an underground vault, which powers a nearby desalination plant. Several other utility workers were taken to local hospitals for smoke inhalation. Read More

Event 9

June 2022 - The Coastal Fire started in Aliso Woods Canyon and quickly burned uphill into a Laguna Niguel neighborhood above the Orange County coast. At least 20 homes burned and 900 were evacuated. So Cal Edison says electrical component showed signs of damage."While our current understanding is that such condition existed before the fire, it is not known when this condition occurred or whether this condition contributed to the ignition of the fire," said SCE spokesperson. Read More