The Fix Edison website provides updates and information for Edison customers who have been injured or damaged by Southern California Edison. Are you unhappy with poor SCE service, unresponse lip-service and power outages? Let the Public Utilities Commission (PUC), your local government representatives, and Edison know.
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The Facts:

So. California Edison can't meet the most fundamental purpose of their charter, to provide safe, reliable power. SCE customers bear the cost and inconvenience of power outages, injuries, damaged property, and spoiled food.

SCE makes about $1 billion a year in net profit and pays parent Edison Intl. CEO about $5 million in compensation. SCE operates as an investor owned public utility monopoly, and something is terribly wrong when SCE is more benevolent to its investors than its customers. Let SCE, your government representatives, and the PUC know how you feel.

Consumer feedback on Southern California Edison:

In the News:

November 25 2021, Los Angeles, CA -- 10,000 without power in So. Cal/LA area - 200,000 more could be affected because of high winds. read more

October 23, 2019, Los Angeles, CA -- Thousands Are Without Power in Parts of SoCal read more